The ergonomic evolution of handheld




  We can now have the freedom of an untethered handheld camera without compromising our back health. The concept is simple: prevent spinal compression while allowing an operator to operate handheld like they would traditionally, without affecting the camera's movement or balance. 100% of the weight is transferred from your shoulder and back to your hips, bypassing your spine entirely. There is a way to handhold a camera ergonomically, and this is it.

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 You spoke and we listened. We are committed to Ergorigs fitting all body types, and after a lot of feedback from women operators since our release, we would like to introduce you to the new Ergorig CenterFit. This redesign offers the same weight transfer and Undersling hookup as the original Ergorig, but with the front strut sitting in the center of your chest for added comfort.


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What’s amazing to me is how the camera sits level on the shoulder.  There’s no tendency for the camera to slide down or any need to tighten muscles to compensate for the slope of your own shoulder.  With the Ergorig, the weight of the camera is distributed to the body making long handheld takes much more comfortable.

You throw a camera on your Ergorig and the first thing you think is, ‘Where did the weight go?’ The ergorig is comfortable, adjustable, and doesn’t restrict movement.

Dave Hirschmann, SOC

Veep, Good Girls, Kevin from Work

The Ergorig is a great relief from your normal aches of handheld camera operating. It allows you to work in the way you are used to while preventing back pain.

Spencer Hutchins, SOC

Scream Queens, Step Up: High Water, Stan Against Evil

Andrew Mitchell, SOC

Glee, American Crime Story, Feud



Designed with the health of the Camera Operator as a priority without affecting camera movement and control.


Lateral adjustment

Removable nonskid pad

Independently adjustable midriff plate/strap

Washable pads

Walkie, Comtec,

Accessory loops


Quick height adjustments

- Easily broken down for travel, can fit in your suitcase


- 1/4 or 1/2 apple "built into your shoulder" when you need that extra height

- Lightweight at only 5 lbs

- Set bag included

Rear strut re-mountable for different body types



   With the Undersling attachment, you can now use your Ergorig to shoot underslung while still transferring all the weight to your hips, totally bypassing your spine. The catch/release mechanism uses a small strap to quickly attach it to the top handle of any camera and find the balance point. The dynamic band is adjustable on the fly to get to your desired shooting height- low against the ground, on your shoulder, or anywhere in between. Just release tension on the band with your right thumb to slide the camera lower or pull the band through with your left hand to raise it higher. If you need a little extra height, throw on the Undersling Riser. The band also has some serious elastic properties, so it will take steps out when you're moving where other systems don't.  Ready to put the camera back on your shoulder? Just release the tension on the band, put the camera on the shoulder pad, and enjoy the weightlessness of traditional handheld with your Ergorig. 




Fully accessorized Alexa 65 with anamorphics?  

No problem.  Want to go handheld with that "way too-heavy" zoom? Ergorig will support the weight for you.  Made in Los Angeles and engineered to withstand set life job after job.


To keep your body safe, an orthopedic surgeon was consulted while designing Ergorig.  It transfers weight off the shoulder and thoracic/lumbar vertebrae to the hips, which can support much more without danger of injury.  You'll feel like you're barely carrying anything.


Ergorig's patented, sleek design is light weight, and doesn't extend out from your body.  Run through doorways, sit down, stand up, crouch, spin around- it will support the weight without getting in your way.


Don't ignore your back's health.  Take care of your body without affecting the quality of your work, and say goodbye to back pain and unnecessary health care costs.


Ergorig has been designed to be quickly adjusted to fit different body types, as well as adjusted on the fly to keep you comfortable take after take.  Once fit to your body, a small adjustment to the front strut gives you that extra inch of height you needed.



Designed for Camera Operators by a Camera Operator

   After years spent with heavy cameras on my shoulder, I joined the long list of Camera Operators with permanent back damage.  The creative desire for shooting handheld, long takes, and the heavy cameras had all taken their toll.  I decided I needed to find a new solution if I wanted to keep operating.  All the other rigs out there were cumbersome, only took some of the weight, and attached to the camera, influencing the shot in an undesired way.  I wanted something that allowed me to sit, stand, tilt and pan without influencing the camera movement, but that took all the weight off my shoulder and back.  After building a proof of concept, I had an eureka moment when I tried it for the first time and barely felt the weight of a camera.  After more than two years of prototyping, testing, adjusting, and getting other operators' feedback, the Ergorig was born.  A rig that allows a camera operator to keep working and delivering the Director and DP's visions without compromising their health.